Samantha Vautier


I have been heavily involved in the Morrinsville Theatre since 2013 where I was part of ‘Chicago’ and took on my first time as choreographer! Since then I have put my hand up to help in all shows, as choreographer, actor, props hand, costume fetcher, makeup and hair, directing and everything in between. I joined the committee as soon as I was able and took on roles within it too. I am very proudly now serving my second term as the President and can’t wait to show the community what Morrinsville Theatre has to offer this year!

The Morrinsville Theatre committee is an elected group who proudly represent the Theatre to the community and help with the day to day running of the building, shows and the many members. We put on 4 shows a year, 1 play, 1 adult musical, 1 youth show and a Christmas show. We also run youth workshops three terms a year for young people aged 7-18.​

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